Working together online

Online therapy provides another way to access psychotherapy and counselling when face-to-face contact is not possible. Online therapy takes place over the internet, via instant messaging or video conferencing. The consideration and sense of mutual exploration remain the same as face-to-face therapy - it is merely the modality that has changed.

Payment for online therapy is made in advance by PayPal, the secure payment system which accepts credit and debit cards or by electronic transfer. The currency is British Pound Sterling or you can pay by Euro.
General enquiry emails are of course absolutely free. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to talk through how you might benefit from either face-to-face or online therapy. You can also register online.

Online counselling is particularly useful for people who live outside of the UK or for people who travel a lot. I offer Europe-wide English speaking psychotherapy and counselling support.

Instant messaging, VOIP audio and webcam
Instant messaging and video conferencing provide a real-time online experience of therapy. Sessions need to be booked in advance. Instant messaging and video conferencing are offered as 50-minute sessions. Skype instant messaging and web conferencing is encrypted. For those wanting to use a Skype alternative, I also use VSee and FaceTime.

Online messages

You may be able to see a blue chat symbol on the bottom right of this page. This means you can open a chat window to start an instant messaging conversation if you are logged into Skype. Or you can call or email me.

Skype ID: therapyme


Online counselling takes place on Skype via instant messaging, webcam or voice over the internet.



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