Psychotherapy can provide a welcome break from your everyday life

It is your time to explore how you personally relate to those around you and to the situations that you face. Therapy provides the space to share your inner anxieties and fears as well as your hopes and desires.

How I work 
I offer a positive and supportive environment so you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting. By exploring what is really going on for you, it may be possible to become more aware of your choices and possibilities and to gain some clarity about where you are in your life. Through self-knowledge it is possible to make better decisions about how you live with your past and plan for your future. With a training in integrative psychotherapy, I aim to be a co-explorer with you so we can work together on this common purpose.  
So what is therapy like with me? My approach is based on our shared attempt to understand your situation better. While it is true that you will do most of the talking, I believe that 'we're in it together'. We may both discover new meaning through our discussions. I aim to support you in this exploration but it is only fair to point out that therapy can be challenging too.
I see people for 50-minute sessions, normally weekly, on either a short-term or an ongoing basis. We can talk this through together when we meet in our first session. Our first meeting gives us both the opportunity to talk through how we might work together.
Sessions for psychotherapy and counselling start from £70. Fees are reviewed at the beginning of the year. Charges for coaching are individually negotiated. For fees for couples counselling, add £15 to the standard rate. If someone else is paying for your sessions (for example, through an insurance company or through a work scheme) the cost is £100. I currently accept referrals from the following insurance companies: AXA, Aviva, and Vitality Health. 

Where I work
Since the pandemic, all sessions take place online.

My practice rooms were based in Crystal Palace, South London (nearest stations: Gipsy Hill and Crystal Palace, SE19) which is very easy to get to and within minutes of public transport links. I also worked in central London at Regent's Park and Regent Street.

Online counselling takes place wherever you are. I use webcam, VOIP, phone or instant messaging.

To make an appointment, please call 07890 093 106 or email me with any questions you may have. I am happy to call you back if you would rather send a text or an email. My voicemail number is 020 7193 3025.

You can also complete the registration form online or contact me to receive a Word version by email.

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Sometimes we all need time out to consider where we are in our lives. Counselling and psychotherapy with Graham Thomas, 07890 093 106.

South London counselling and psychotherapy at Crystal Palace, a short walk away from Crystal Palace overground station and Gipsy Hill railway station


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